“Nick George is an excellent trainer and teacher. As an incoming president of my Rotary club, I had the pleasure of being one of Nick’s students. He made learning the fundamentals of how to be a successful club president both fun and interesting. The “classes” I attended were carefully planned out and were designed to be interactive, so we would learn by doing, not just plain listening”  ~D.Vavala

“I have had training from Nick on several occassions over the past few years. He is extremely well organized and has tremendous attention to detail. He is more than prepared for each training session and is an expert in is field. Nick is charismatic and has a great way about him that makes the learning fun. In addition, he is respectful of his client’s time and keeps on track. He is also very accessible for follow up questions or concerns. I recommend Nick George without hesitation!”  ~K. Bristol

“Nick’s trainings are innovative, entertaining and most importantly, have a great, positive impact on our organization. Nick can take the driest material and turn it into something you want to learn about. He adds excitement to everything he is involved in. Nick has the capacity to maintain organization amid chaos, connecting all the important points in an organization, make it functional and give it direction. Nick is intuitive and knows how to reach people. The end result is a smooth, forward moving organization who’s team is reconnected in a shared vision.” ~M. Ward

“With Nick’s guidance and encouragement, I am more confident and ready to climb any mountain that stands in my path.”
— S. Burke

“Nick’s strong ability to be present and listen intuitively, coupled with his grounded, reflective approach to coaching has been optimal for discovering that I already have everything I need in order to create what I want in my life.”

“If you’re looking for a coach to tell you what to do or to give you answers… look somewhere else. If you want a coach who will help you find your own answers and create the life you want, look no further!”
— J. Stein

“Nick has helped me to discover my good and bad points, and provide me with positive messages as I move forward in my life.”
— J. Senkiw